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There are many reasons people hire us to do an auction. In all cases, the goal is to liquidate belongings that either a family, household, or business no longer needs. We make the process very easy. Our auction services are professionally handled, from working with you to set the date, pricing the items to get a general starting value, marketing the event, and then running the actual auction. Flagstaff Auctions covers it all!

Personal Auctions

The most common reason to have an estate sale is when there has been a death of a loved one and the family needs to liquidate their belongings. Typically, the survivors have no interest in the deceased items, or perhaps they don't even live in the area to handle the items. We find our auction services add peace of mind and take the stress out of the picture.  This allows the family time to console themselves about their loss and not worry about figuring out who gets what. This makes life a lot easier and facilitates distributing the proceeds to the survivors in a monetary value after the auction.

We also often see situations where someone may decide to move and its too difficult to take all of "their stuff" to their new home.  We've even seen instances where a couple is getting adivorce and we need to work with them to liquidate their assets so they can split the proceeds evenly.

Auctions can be held for any reason when an individual or family needs to liquidate their possessions. FEES: % commission, includes set-up, man power, clerk, cashier, ringmen, signage, consultation, and advertising/promotion over a nominal budgeted amount.

Old Televisions and Radios
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Vintage Motorcycles
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Other auctions are for business and commercial entities who either need to get rid of all of their merchandise due to bankruptcy, closure, business direction changes, or a number of other reasons. We can help sell all of the leftover product as well as all of the fixtures.

Some business liquidation auctions are a result of the property owner (or landlord) seizing assets as a result of non-payment of rent. We've seen these on homes and apartments, as well as storage units. In this case, we are working for the business owner to recoup some of their lost revenue.

We work closely with our local business community to make sure they get the most out of their auction. 


One of the largest growing areas for us is helping out local non-profit organizations. We have found many groups like to hold big events with the intent of generating funds for their charity. Many people and businesses are willing to donate items to these organizations so they can use them to help the non-profit grow. Typically items donated include artwork, jewelry, gift certificates, vacations and even larger items like cars and property. We find it's a great tax write off for the donors, and the non-profits get the bulk of the proceeds.

With this in mind, we have done a lot of charitable auctions where we help sell items they have gathered through donations. We find we can usually achieve a much better price in an auction setting than in any other way. We use our auctioneer skills to get the attendees to open their wallets and give that extra little bit so the non-profit gets what they need! These events are fun and are a great way for us to work with our community!


There are lots of reasons that people need to 
get rid of the things they have accumulated 
over the years. That's where we come in! 


In all of the above cases, Flagstaff Auctions will access your situation. We will look over the items you have to liquidate, and will work with you to prepare for your auction. Our services are much easier than "estate tag sale" because we take care of all of the sales issues, marketing, and haggling involved with selling your items. We typically generate a much more competitive price for your belongings and we always seek to get the highest fair market value possible. Unlike a garage sale, where you are left to sit there all day trying to get practically anything you can for your items, we take the time to adequately sell each item for you. Our auctions breed competition, getting people to bid. This creates demand and therefore pushes the price to a much more beneficial selling level.

Old Silver Candle Stands
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Old Tin Containers


25%-50% commission, includes set-up, man power, clerk, cashier, ringmen, signage, consultation, and advertising/promotion within a nominal budgeted amount.

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